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Hurtostal 2

Hurtostal 2 was founded by Andrzej Grochala in year 1993. As a private company we have been operating within the metallurgic branch since founding.

We specialize in comprehensive supply of clients with high quality steel products; we have been co-operating with leading manufacturers for years. Our assortment includes, among others: black plates up to 120 mm thickness, tread plates, galvanized plates in different formats, channel bars, IPN, IPE, HEA, HEB beams, hot rolled angle bars, flat bars, smooth or ribbed reinforcing bars, binding wire, squares, closed sections, ducts and structural pipes with seam, seamless pipes, galvanized pipes, short smooth bends, tee bars as well as mats, grids with equipment and steps.

A big advantage of our company is the proprietary storage square of 23 thousand cubic meters, covered in whole by six cranes 8.0 t/10 t, as well as our convenient location.

In order to fulfill our clients' high expectations, we also prefabricate materials. The services we perform include: plasma cutting, laser cutting, band-saw cutting, hydraulic cutting, performing round holes, squared holes, bean (oblong) holes, plate forming, prefabrications from ribbed bars and performing steel structures - more information can be found under section Services.

We also offer transportation services with our two MAN TGA XXL type vehicles of 24 and 26 T capacity.

The most important benefits from working with us:

  • a number of modern services,
  • timely deliveries,
  • competitive prices
  • low prices
  • competent and professional personnel,
  • individual approach to clients' needs,
  • quality of products substantiated by attests and certificates
  • aggregation of separated deliveries,
  • flexible payment terms,
  • cheap transportation services.

Please browse our offer and contact our personnel for additional information!


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