Cutting with hydraulic cutters

GEKA Manufacturer, Spain, Maximum capacity 80 tonnes

Specification of workstations working with the machine:

Piercing station:

  • maximum dimension of rounded hole with basic equipment: 40x14mm; 24x24mm
  • throat: 500mm
  • standard dimensions: from 3 to 31 mm (0.5 mm grad.), from 31 to 40 mm (1 mm grad.)
  • possibility of perforations of the following types: bean (oblong), square, rectangle, triangle
  • possibility of rounded perforations of maximum dimension: 100 mm (using larger stamp and matrix fixture)
  • standard dimensions of bean holes: 7x10; 7x15; 7x20; 9x13; 9x19; 9x25; 11x17; 11x23; 13x18; 13x22; 13x27; 13x31; 15x20; 15x24; 15x27; 15x31; 17x22; 17x26; 17x31; 19x26; 19x31; 21x27; 21x31; 17x40; 19x40; 21x40

Rectangular notching station:Nożyce hydrauliczne GEKA 80

  • rectangular die of the following dimensions as standard: 90x52mm
  • maximum thickness of punched sheet: 12mm
  • possibility of fixing triangular die
  • possibility of fixing die for joining pipes at 90 dgr angle, maximum pipe diameter: 60mm

Flat bar cutting station:

  • flat bars max: 450x15mm, 300x20mm
  • length of blades: 475mm
  • cutting flat bars at any angle

Stacja cięcia kątowników:

  • 900 angle (without deformation) max: 130x130x13mm
  • 450 angle max: 70x70x7mm

Bar cutting station:

  • rounded bars max: 45mm
  • squared bars max: 45mm




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